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After you register for the event, you’ll be emailed a link to share with a friend you’d like to invite to join you – for FREE.

We’ll ask them to pay deposit to hold their spot at the event and this will be returned to them upon check-in at the event.

Why do we do this? Because we know it’s easier to participate and network and actually set yourself up to make connections and money when you’ve got a wingman. It’s also easier to manage hotel, meals, etc.

Most People Would Rather Be Comfortable Than Rich

This book was written for those individuals who have an authentic desire to go after what’s important to them, and who will also do whatever it takes to achieve those goals, in the face of anything, even when it’s uncomfortable.

It’s meant to take the mystery out of how successful people not only achieve their success but also sustain it and dispel the myths out there about success coming easy – for a very select few it does, and for most it never will.

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